We strive towards independence and freedom. The joy of fixing is the joy of solving everyday practical problems, because to us solving is the most beautiful form of creativity there is.

The search for quality products develops in it’s own pace. It evolves for the sake of refinement, not for the sake of quantity or speed of development.

Function is to be preferred over aesthetics, the beauty that comes with functionality has an aesthetics of it’s own. Therefore an arbitrary element is there because it fulfills it’s purpose in the system of the whole. It is the logical solution to a previous “problem”.


  • Lange Nacht der Bike Shops by Tortuga

    Hey there bike addicted, this year we want to celebrate our beloved Bike Culture during the Lange Nacht der Bike […]

  • In Bike we trust

    A nice article about the Cinelli Chrome team and the italian brand, pdf is here .

  • Restless Enginerds

    While outside on the street bikes are getting quieter and people close themselves under layers of (sometimes not so) high […]

  • TORTUGA Cromor Track

    Custom 1″ Frame handmade in Italy with Columbus Cromor Steel, is design for daily use, yet is able to deliver […]

  • Old stuff good stuff

    It’s not for the sake of vintage fashion and neither it is for any kind of brand fetish. Some good […]

  • Of Steel from RAPHA on Vimeo.

    Of steel

    Dario Pegoretti is one of the italian master frame builder who brought the steel bicycles to the actual state of […]

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