Eddy and Meo

There was a young shepherd, grew up in Pavullo, Italy, who was able to beat Anquetil in a crono stage, his name was Romeo Venturelli. He was a crazy guy. Once during a race, somebody told him he wouldn’t be able to fill the gap the leading group was digging. So he pushed harder until he reached the first group. At that point he gave up and let the others came back to him. “See? i did it, i reached them” replied Venturelli. For him was more important to make that point rather then trying to win the race. Also he liked money a lot and the money he didn’t waist in cars he did with women. Not to mention he was used to seat in restaurants during some races. This behavior didn’t help at all to write the sport history but put him directly into the legend category.
When Romeo Venturelli quit from pro cycling, his last team Molteni had already a young promising boy in his team. Venturelli could have been another italian cannibal and we could have been showing a Venturelli frame to sell. We like to think that empty space in the cycling history has been fullfilled by the young racer who took his place at Molteni, Eddy Merckx. And that’s a frame of his.



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