Restless Enginerds

While outside on the street bikes are getting quieter and people close themselves under layers of (sometimes not so) high tech clothing facing shitty weather and stressed car drivers, Surly’s Enginerds keep doing their thing.

Back to this summer we discovered that both Karate Monkey and Ogre were about to receive enough space to host 27,5″ fat tires ( aka B+ short name for 650b fat)  along with the regular 29″ and since then several reviews have been written about it. Here are some:




Today we also discovered another little thing about one of our favorite among the Surly Pavement segment, the Straggler is getting new drop out. Here you’ll find out what’s going on, it’s a short reading but. After that you may ask yourself if it’s just marketing or real customer dedication, ask instead how many companies listen so much to their customer base?




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