We can service any kind of bike in a short time. We also restore old dusty bikes or we could just help you with it. We love to tailor your bicycle to your needs. We provide same day service for many small repairs and rapid turnaround for tune-ups and most other procedures, We’re always up for a chat about new ideas or suggestions, drop by or write us we’ll reply pretty soon.


As many others have already done you might be willing to build up your bike using an old repainted frame, or maybe your last eBay bargain. We will prep the frame for you including facing and threading the bottom bracket and the headset. We will assist you choosing the right components given your goals and budget.


We love to ride and we know how a couple of wheels will make the difference under any prospective. Wheels are one of the first upgrade a cyclist could do on his bike and for sure it’s one of the most important.  Custom wheelset will allow you to choose the components given your needs and tastes, rim and hub drills, materials, lacing pattern and colors. You will be always able to service each part when time will come.


This a perfect service for bikes which haven’t been on the street during for a season or two. We check the all the partsfor safety, tune up the gears and the brakes, lube the chain and the cables.


This is a great service if you have a lightly used bike, and is an alternative to a full tune-up. This includes lubing the chain and cables, making adjustments to the brakes and gears, and minor truing of the wheels. Our mechanics will also check the adjustment and security of all bearing systems. This also includes a test ride to make sure everything is running smoothly. If your bike needs anything beyond a Season Check we’ll let you know in the beginning.

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